Dream with us

Imagine you will return to the past and you will find of natural food. You will taste the real flavoring, instead of eating industrial making food early in the morning. Which is quick and cheap produced, without any taste, but full of pesticides and flavor enhancer. Nobody prefer to start its day like this…

Our products

Choose between conventional, organic, or vegan products

Traditional products

Our Brand “Top of Umbria” will take you to a journey of season products, produced by old traditions with knowledge of today.


Our Brand “Secret of Umbria” is combining the ancient world with traditions and knowledge of today. Cultivation and producing to hold high esteem to the nature and expulsion of CO2, certainly organic certificated.


Our Brand “Vegan Umbria” trust to the natural finish of umbrian products. With high esteem of animals and nature.

Be a part of us!

You are a traditional grower or producer here in Umbria, with producing always in high quality? You thought about of making export?
So please contact us, with a description of your product and company